Is Markle Capable of Violence?

Here Markle at a public concert along with his poor, poor wife who stood by him while he’s still obsessing over a girl that DUMPED him 15 years ago!!!

So far as we know, Markle has never been convicted of any physical violence. That being said, anyone that is obsessed about a girl that dumped him 15 years ago can’t be trusted now can they?!? For that reason, we publish photos of Markle in case you are a victim and do not know what your harasser/stalker looks like.

Wow is Markle scary or what? Anyone that can’t let go a girlfriend from 15 years ago has some SERIOUS problems. His blog, and his public postings has various PRIVATE people as his targets – that Markle aka the crow, claims are ‘harassing’ him or invading HIS privacy! We suggest you do not go there!

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Markle Sentenced until JULY 2012

Here is when Markle started FIVE years of probation. Remember that a judge could revoke the probation and send him to jail.

(click image to see a larger version)

You will not find a mention of Steve Markle’s name on any of his writings. ‘The Crow’, ‘Eric Draven’ even spiderman do not show up on his blog, Amusingly, Markle will hid behind a screen name and criticize others for doing what he’s done for years!

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Protection From Abuse #1

This Protection from Abuse order was after Markle was DUMPED. He insisted that she ‘apologized’ to him. When she refused, Markle went to her family members including her dad and her brother (who was barely a teenager when Markle was dumped) Certain information was masked for privacy. Even though Markle thinks nothing about exposing anyone’s personal information on the internet, we don’t do that to him!

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Protection From Abuse #2

Just like the bully that he is, Markle even bragged about having a PFA against himself to his new girlfriend. When she DUMPED him, guess what Markle did? You got it – threatened her! Again, just because Markle routinely exposes other people’s personal information on the internet, we hid/mask his victim’s names as well as his personal information.

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Cops tell the world that Markle is a stalker/harasser…

Here is the Police Criminal Complaint that Steve Markle was eventually convicted of violating! Notice that he discusses the prior conviction of harassment against this boy! Tell me this guy doesn’t have a big problem!

Please notice how Markle WHINES about privacy being violated in this! We have masked the victims’ names since they have put up with Markle for a decade and half! Imagine your daughter picking a band member-wanna-be for a boyfriend and when she dumps the loser, he’s still harassing you a decade and half later!

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