Steve Markle taunts Law Enforcement

For someone who’s on probation for 8 misdemeanors for online harassment and stalking, you’d never know it by Steve Markle’s behavior. But is Steve alone in his online adventures? In December of 2005, Steve’s wife Cheryl, according to trial transcripts, listened to how her husband pretended to be law enforcement, ‘spoofed’ email and host of other tricks that targeted Steve’s ex-girlfriend’s kid BROTHER! Steve was found guilty by 12 people of harassing and stalking the brother of a girl who dumped him 10 years prior! Cheryl is well aware of why her husband was convicted and sentenced to six years of probation.

But that’s not all, in April of 2007, Cheryl and Steve had Lancaster County District Attorney detectives raid their Leola, PA home after two email account were hacked into by a computer using the Comcast IP address registered in Cheryl’s name. According to the Search Warrant Application as pictured in the redacted copy below, Detectives took all of the Markle’s computers while Steve and Cheryl watched.

In May, the email associated with (and the website itself) was hacked into by a Comcast Address associated with other Markle comments sent to this blog. It seems Markle is up to his same tricks. By this time, Cheryl is well aware of what her husband is up to. The only reason law enforcement didn’t bring charges last time was because they were uncertain if Cheryl did it because the internet connection was in her name. Cheryl can no longer claim innocence.

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4 Responses to Steve Markle taunts Law Enforcement

  1. Anonymous says:

    Can you start a stalker warning page in Facebook?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Empty comment about Steve Markle of Leola who is a convicted stalker to keep search engine position high.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Steve Markle is still a stalker.

  4. Jason Latimore says:

    I see he is up to his old antics. I wonder if his employers at Hershey would be interested in his latest games?

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