Steve Markle aka “the crow” is a CONVICTED stalker

In the mid 90’s Steve Markle was dating a girl for about three years. She dumped him. Let’s just say that Markle didn’t take it to well! To this very moment – nearly 15 years later – Markle insists that his ex-girlfriend owes him an apology! Can you imagine the poor girl who is currently married to Markle that had to see her husband get convicted of 8 counts of online Harassment and 1 count of stalking – 10 years after her husband gets dumped by an ex-girlfriend?!

But get this – Markle was CONVICTED and is currently on PROBATION with the Lancaster County Adult Probation for crimes against his ex-girlfriend’s, little brother!

Besides these 9 conviction, Markle’s history includes another harassment charge and several Protection From Abuse orders against him.

This website is to warn others that might fall victim to his harassment and stalking. If Steve Markle aka “the Crow” begins to harass you, we suggest you call his probation officer and let them know about it. If he can’t let his ex – girl friend go who dumped him 15 years go, do you think he’ll let you go? Adult probation’s phone number is 717-299-8181

You know where/why Markle calls himself The Crow? It’s a story about a guy that gets murdered with his finance on Halloween Eve and get resurrected to enact REVENGE! Remember that Markle blames others for getting DUMPED by his girlfriend! And he got CONVICTED for ‘getting’ her brother and continues to ‘get’ her dad for supposedly causing his ex to DUMP Markle! YIKES!

Markle’s blog is located @ – do not go there! He places graphic within the website that will indicated your IP address. He’ll then use that to try and located you! If you ever seen an email from Eric Draven or anything related to ‘The crow’, make certain you have your graphics turned off in your email program. This is how he’ll verify that it was YOU that visited his blog.

To give you an idea of how twisted he is – he has several rants on his blog about people that he can’t figure out and wanting to know WHY they were reading his blog!! Why have a blog and then lament when people come to read it?!?

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1 Response to Steve Markle aka “the crow” is a CONVICTED stalker

  1. Jason says:

    Friends of ours are visiting for the weekend. She is a prof at Penn and is writing a book regarding the Internet, privacy, and law. Relating stories similar to Markle’s I told her about him and this site. After reading she just looked at me and said, “Wow, psycopath. Ticking time bomb.”

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