Threats and sick thinking…

The following is ‘Exhibit #29 from Commonwealth of Pennsylvania v Steven D Markle. It’s part of the evidence used to convict Markle for 8 counts of harassment and one count of stalking.

Notice that he taunts in the subject that Markle is ‘Too good huh?’ Too good to get caught. Amazingly, as smart as Markle is, he puts, in an email to his stalking victim, that he is using implanted images to ensure that his harassing emails are reaching his target!

Keep in mind that his trial for harassment and stalking is TEN YEARS after Markle was dumped. This was an email to his ex-girlfriend’s BROTHER who was 13 years old at the time! Markle wants to go into detail with her kid brother about what happened to cause their breakup!

Markle says that he’s ‘better off’ without this girl. Markle admits that she accused him of being controlling. Markle says she could make choices. Reading the rest of the email, it’s like there is a different person. It’s almost as though Markle is trying to convince himself. Read on…

Markle rhetorically asks the question about people making choices “Is that how it is suppose to work?” Markle does NOT get that people can make a unilaterally decision! While Markle says the girl is allowed to make choices, he goes on to whine about her not ‘discussing’ it with him and how that cuts him out of control!

Notice that according to Markle, the girl didn’t dump him on her own! Oh no. It had to be the mom and dad. There’s no way the girl would dump Markle on her own. And because she dumped him? SHE is the ‘loser’! Now how is that for clear thinking?

The next thing Markle says would be really funny were it not for his twisted projection of his own problem. “GET OVER IT!” Markle tells the little bro of his ex-girlfriend. It’s now 15 years later and Markle STILL can’t get over the fact that this girl dumped him!

Notice that Markle was ‘willing to step aside’ and ‘willing to stay friends’. Isn’t that sweet?

And now the threats. Markle was ‘willing’ to be ‘friends’ and Markle says that he has been ‘extremely ‘lenient’! Isn’t that nice that according to Markle, he’s let them off the hook? Yikes!
Markle ‘accidentally’ broke the storm glass window with his FIST!

What about the future? Markle say that the next time, “wouldn’t be so lucky”!

In another email regarding his ex-girlfriend’s dad, Markle reveals that he KNOWS where she was working “at two different locations”! Keep in mind that Markle has previously had Protection from Abuse order slapped on him by this girl and he’s still keeping tabs on her? Keep in mind that Markle is MARRIED to another woman ALL the while, he is lamenting this girl that dumped him years earlier!

And the criminal charges that Markle was facing and latter convicted? They were ‘false police reports’. Don’t worry though GOD was on Markle’s side and HIS retribution is ‘powerful’ and ‘approaching you swiftly’

Markle is on probation until July of 2012. Despite his conviction of online harassment and stalking and continued tracking, harassing and stalking, the authority’s seem to be ignoring Markle’s illegal behavior. Please call them and let them know if you are his victim.

Markle’s website is located at It’s not uncommon for Markle to collect user’s IP address and then TRY and figure out who they are. We suggest you stay away!

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