A glimpse into the mind of a stalker…

Want proof of how sick this man really and truly is? Read a sampling of his posts regarding his EX-girlfriend and how she owes him and apology. Keep in mind that she dumped him 14 years before this latest post!!! Now we have blocked out Markle’s posting of personal information regarding his ex-girlfriend. The ironic thing is that Markle regularly whines if anyone puts something out about himself but he will put his ex-girlfriend’s name and address and bad mouth her! Remember that everything on this blog is from PUBLIC RECORDS. Or from a website PUBLISHED on the world wide web. A glimpse into the mind of a convicted stalker

(Click on image to READ LARGER VERSION)

Markle was dumped 15 years ago May 2010. Until this moment, he’s STILL obsessing over being dumped. His blog, smartretorts.blogspot.com is laced with his obsessing over other people he’s alternatively jealous/angry at for various reason.

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4 Responses to A glimpse into the mind of a stalker…

  1. Norm says:

    Good to find an expert who knows what he’s tanklig about!

  2. killing for PS3? I think you’ve been punked!I don’t see any news about that. Are you sure it acually happened or Is it just happened inside your head?Wait a minute, are you hearing voices in your head?

  3. The message here is good. However, the article is full of grammatical errors, such as “component’s” instead of “components.” When presenting information about an advertising or marketing campaign, it is especially important for the writer to proofread their work if she is to have credibility.

  4. honestly, please don’t dignify these jerks and morons by writing about them. ignore them. this blog is just contributing to their fame. ignore.ignore.ignore.

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